Resources for Engineering Students

The following resources are provided to students participating in check-in meetings.

Job Postings

While job postings are offered on Handshake, an effective career search includes the utilization of many job search sites. Here are a few key sites to search for opportunities:

Engineering Job Posting Sites

Other Job Search Sites

  • LinkedIn - Provides a robust job posting site. Your profile will likely be viewed through the interview process - be sure it is updated.
  • CareerShift - One of the most comprehensive, multi-function sites:  job board, research companies, and find contacts (including a search for Notre Dame alums)
  • GoinGlobal - Includes more than 10,000 pages of constantly-updated content on topics such as: job search sources, work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, cultural/interviewing advice for major US and International cities.
  • - Government jobs on a site managed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
  • CareerBuilder - Broad-reaching job search site
  • - Search for technology positions

Additional Resources

The following networking sites can help you make connections with Notre Dame alumni to learn more about industries and career opportunities:
  • IrishCompass - ND student/alumni networking site (more than 4,000 alumni joined to meet and support students)
  • MyND - Directory of Notre Dame alumni 
Additional web-based resources you may find value include:

Need Additional Support?

Whatever we can do to support you, please don't hesitate to contact Niti Singh. career counselor for students pursuing careers in engineering-related fields.  Schedule an appointment with Niti on Handshake or call 574-631-5200.