President's Circle Mentor Program

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Enrich your summer internship experience with The President’s Circle Mentor Program

This highly selective mentoring program provides students the opportunity to connect one-on-one with some of the most trusted, loyal leaders from the Notre Dame family. Mentors are often in positions of senior leadership as founders, CEOs, partners, surgeons, lawyers, vice presidents, and managing directors. Apply to this program to receive personal guidance, feedback, and insight from these well-established professionals throughout the summer.

An application is required to be considered. Apply by April 17th, 2019 via this link here.


Program Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Students applying must have an internship or summer position lined up.
  • Mentors in the President's Circle are often in positions of leadership in their company, and at times in their overall industry. Before applying, understand that respect and timeliness are of utmost importance when connecting with this group of leaders.
  • All students in the mentor program are required to be respectful, sincere and prompt. 
  • Students in the program are required to actively initiate the mentorship and to meet/call/connect with their mentor at least three times (3) over the summer. 
  • Students paired with a President's Circle Mentor are REQUIRED to attend a 20 minute training session. Virtual options will be available for students abroad. The Center for Career Development will provide best practices in mentoring and provide time for you to research your mentor during this training - Attendance is mandatory.


Matching Process

The Committee appoints mentor/mentee pairs based upon the mentor's expertise and what each student states as their career interests and goals. The committee is comprised of Notre Dame career services professionals, career counselors, and University Relations President's Circle staff. The committee will pair students with a mentor volunteer they believe can best support the student's professional development. All the information in this application is taken into consideration when pairing a student with a mentor.



When applying, a current resume and documentation of proof of employment (internship) are required.

Apply for the President's Circle Mentor Program by completing the application linked HERE by April 17th, 2019. 



For questions regarding the President's Circle Mentor Program, please call the Center for Career Development, 574-631-5200.