Evaluating Programs and Schools

When evaluating a graduate or professional school program, consider these points:

  • Are faculty members conducting research in your area of interest?  (Find out by reading bios, CVs and their publications. Send an email to the specific faculty member to receive more information about the program.)
  • What is the educational infrastructure (labs, library, computers, etc.)?
  • Does the curriculum support your interests?
  • What are the degree requirements?
  • What is the average time required to complete a degree?
  • Is financial support available?

It is also important to visit the program, and consider:

  • What’s the work/study environment?
  • Are the social outlets adequate for you?
  • Do you connect with the faculty and other students in or entering the program?

Do your research before you visit so you are not asking questions answered easily on the website. Consider the programs with the best fit between your interests and the program department and faculty, not just rankings.