International Students

US Job Search Process:

A job or internship search takes a multitude of resources and strategies.  The following  resources provide a variety of lists of potential sponsoring employers, occupational outlooks, and job opportunities.  Utilize these sources to build your job search strategy and targeted employers list.

Visa Information on Working in the United States:

When searching for jobs or internships, it is important to understand the job search process associated with each visa type. Employers may have false assumptions about visa limitations, costs, or processes, and it is important to be able to provide accurate information to potential employers.  The following resources provide visa information

US Employers: Finding and Able to Hire

Both resources will provide names of employers who have sponsored international students in the past.

International Student programs for opportunities in the US
  • Interexchange (Fee-based) - Assists international students and young professionals with securing internships and practical training programs in the U.S.
  • America China Society of Indiana -  Students studying at Notre Dame may find contacts with employers in the state of Indiana seeking to hire international Asian students

Transitional Resources

The US cultural and employment norms may be quite different for an international student transitioning to the US. The following  resources provide various information on cultural norms, educational requirements, obtaining visas and transition information.

Education Resources

The following resources are helpful when exploring continuing education options, institutions, and processes.