Interviews are probably the most significant part of the internship and job/post-graduate search processes. It is a dialogue between two parties, each with their own objectives.

The interviewer’s goals are to find out if:

  • You have the SKILLS to do the job (both soft and technical skills)
  • You are MOTIVATED to do the job
  • You are a FIT with organization’s CULTURE

Your goals are to:

  • Showcase your skills and interpersonal qualities
  • Demonstrate your match for the job with solid, well-crafted examples of your experiences
  • Determine if the position and the employer is a good fit for you

Gaining interview skills is critical whether you are pursuing an internship, full-time employment, a service opportunity, graduate or professional school, a fellowship, or a post graduate internship to break into a difficult field! Get your interview skills down. Understand the format, structure and STAR technique of the interview and you will be well on your way to STANDING OUT for all the right reasons.


Big Interview:  Online Mock Interview Practice Tool 

  • Big Interview is an online interviewing training tool to help you practice before your next Interview.