Mock Interviews

Schedule a Mock Interview

A Mock Interview is an opportunity to complete a practice interview to help you learn and prepare for actual interviews throughout the course of the year. The Career Center has Mock Interviews available in a variety of settings based on the time of year and your professional goals. Schedule your Mock, Medical Mock, or Case Mock Interview with a career coach.

With Employers

At the beginning of each fall semester, The Career Center offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to complete a recorded practice interview with volunteer recruiters. These mock interviews are recorded and reviewed with the student, so feedback can be provided to help students in preparing for the interview season. Typically beginning in mid-August, students can schedule Mock Interviews with employers on Go IRISH by performing a keyword search for "Mock Interviews”. Students may sign-up for one interview only. Be advised that these are general, behavioral interviews. 

With a Career Coach

Throughout the academic year, all students can schedule Mock Interviews with career coaches at The Career Center. These will follow the same format described above and can be recorded if interview rooms are available.

Case Interview Practice Sessions

The Career Center and the Consulting Consortium offer Case Interview practice sessions thoughout the academic year. Contact The Career Center or watch the events sections of the website for upcoming dates and times. 

Medical School Mock Interviews

The Career Center also offers Mock Interviews to students applying to medical school throughout the academic year.