Internships & Jobs

When beginning your search for an internship or job opportunity, it is important to have four basic criteria established: function, industry and hiring timeline, location, and compensation. Knowing these will help you begin to search for opportunities of interest.


  • Conduct a productive search by understanding job/internship positions and functions 
  • Understand what skills you possess that are transferable to a particular function
  • Identify and participate in on-campus activities to gain experience and marketability for a specific function
  • Know that specific functions cross over many industries, e.g. a public relations role can be found in banking, fashion, education, etc


  • Determine if a specific location is a priority in your search and select your ideal locations
  • Discover the cost of living resources to find housing
  • Recognize costs involved in conducting a search in distant locations



Industry and Hiring Timeline

  • Understand that Industry and position are rarely determined strictly by major! (See Success Stories/Data)
  • Learn more about the recruiting process and what opportunities are available to you
  • Research when your industries of interest hire for internships and full-time opportunities
  • Be aware that not every industry recruits on-campus; utilize our Online Resources to research industries outside of Go IRISH


  • Discover the salary level of the function and industry which you are pursuing (NACE salary survey/
  • Know that offers made through on-campus recruiting and/or from large organizations are usually standardized and at market level
  • Read Funding Your Internship for information on Career Center funding options

Post Graduate Internship for Breaking into a Certain Fields

Some career fields, such as film, theater, public relations, international development, public policy, and field and policy work with non-governmental organizations, are challenging to break into immediately after graduation. Sometimes the path to working in these areas upon graduation is to take an internship in the field. In some cases these are unpaid, but the internship can provide solid experience on your resume and time to further network within the field and build connections that can help you leverage into the paid, full-time opportunity.

Now What?

Meet with a Career Center Counselor to provide guidance, direction, and resources for your search!