Create Your Own Internship

Is the organization you would like to work for not listed on Go IRISH or other databases?

  • Proceed directly to the organization website. Some organizations don’t post internships to central databases, but have internship opportunities posted on their individual websites.

Does the website not have internship(s) listed?

  • Don’t be afraid to contact the organization directly and develop your own internship. Many organizations are open to the idea of taking on an intern, particularly those who are willing to work for academic credit.

How do I approach the employer about developing my own internship?

  • Be sure to think about what it is you would like to do as an intern before contacting the employer.
  • Think about ways in which you might be useful to the organization and the skills that you would like to utilize.
  • It’s helpful to network and see if you can find contacts within the organization. This will increase the likelihood that they will review your resume.

Where can I find potential organizations to contact?

  • Visit Online Resources. Resources like Career Shift and LinkedIn can help you identify organization in the industry and/or location you are seeking.

Need more help?

  • Make an appointment with a Career Counselor. We can assist you with the process, help you customize your search, and provide direction regarding guidelines for designing internships.