Student Stories - Internship Funding

Name: Christina Wells, Class of 2019
Post-grad goal: Veterinary School
Summer 2017 Internship:  Sea Life Park Hawaii
"This internship has been my dream to attend since I found out about it during high school. As a pre-veterinary student, I yearned for the opportunity to gain experience with marine animals, to expose myself to a unique aspect of the veterinary field that I would like to pursue. Additionally, this internship would allow me to fulfill the animal experience hours required for my veterinary school application in an out-of-the-box way, which would distinguish me from other applicants. I even wrote about attending this internship in one of my entrance essays to Notre Dame, when asked what my ideal intellectual experience would entail. The internship was unpaid and the cost of living in Hawaii is extremely high. If I had not received funding from the Archer Family Endowment, I may not have been able to afford this experience. I am extremely grateful for your support of my career and professional development."
Name: Annie Crea, Class of 2018
Post-grad goal: Law School
Summer 2017 Internship: World Affairs Council of Greater Houston
"This summer I had the opportunity to work for the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston as their programs intern. As a Political Science and Peace Studies major I have always wanted to work for a non-profit, however due to time restraints with my sport (swimming and diving ), limited positions, and the fact that most non-profit internships are unpaid, I did not have the chance until this past summer [...] I had the opportunity to work in almost every department, including membership, finance, and education [...] I learned many valuable skills such as improving my knowledge of excel, writing grants, organizing events, collecting and compiling vast amounts of statistical evidence, and how to be a team leader of a professional project. I also had many networking opportunities as the members of the world-affairs council are involved in many different career sectors. My experience this summer would not have been able to occur if not for my career funding, and I believe that my internship this summer will help me excel in law school and in my future career."