Connecting with Alumni

Utilize these resources to locate and network with alumni and other professionals.  Cross reference IrishCompass, LinkedIn and myNotreDame if full information on an alumnus is not available.


IrishCompass is our official online community designed to help facilitate career-related connections between students and the Global ND Network. 

Students can use IrishCompass in many ways:

  • Connect with alumni for career networking, mentorship, and job shadow opportunities. 
  • Ask career-related questions through industry specific discussion forums.
  • Access exclusive online resources for career discernment and networking tips.

Learning from successful alumni and professionals is one of the most valuable resources Notre Dame students and graduates have in their career development. Mentoring can develop organically through personal and professional interactions, but students can actively seek out mentors through networking, informational interviewing, and searching on IrishCompass. 

IrishCompass is the official professional community of the University of Notre Dame and holds a robust filterable directory of alumni to search through when seeking a mentor. See more details on this page here

If you would like assistance with this process, you can meet with a Career Counselor, or come in during walk-in hours for help in utilizing the platform or crafting an introductory message. 

How To Use IrishCompass



Utilize LinkedIn to connect with Notre Dame Alumni as well as thousands of other experienced professionals.

  • To join LinkedIn:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your name, email, and password; then click Join.
    3. Fill out initial information to create your profile.
    4. Confirm your email address by clicking the link sent to your email.
    5. Your account is now created.  Make your profile complete by going to the Profile tab and clicking “Edit Profile”.
  • To join the Notre Dame Alumni Network:
    1. Go to this link:
    2. Click “Join Group” and wait for approval.

How To Reach ND Alums Through LinkedIn


myNotreDame Alumni Directory

Notre Dame students have full directory access to myNotreDame, the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s database.

  • Create your own account here.   
  • Click on “Register” in the gold box.
  • Complete the registration with your email address and the Alumni Association will send you a password within 24 hours.
  • Once in the system conduct a “Directory Search” for alumni using basic criteria or multiple criteria in the “Advanced” search.


Alumni Clubs

  • Alumni clubs’ websites allow you to seek out contacts and events occurring in a particular geographic region.  Some sites even post jobs and internship or have contacts for current students.  Find the clubs at, click on “Clubs, Classes and Groups” and select your desired location in the drop down menus.

Career Shift

Search for contacts from millions of companies by industry, location, or keyword.  Use your email address to set up an account.


Go IRISH is an excellent resource for locating Center for Career Development contacts.  Select the “Employers” tab and enter the name of an organization into the keyword search.

Networking Events

The Center for Career Development offers many networking opportunities through the academic year with both ND alumni and various recruiters. See website and Go IRISH for information on all Center events and Information Sessions.​


  • Create a database of contacts to keep your network organized.
  • After any networking interaction, be sure to send a thank you note to the professional within 24-48 hours, either via email or snail mail.