Summer Funding 101 - What You Need to Know!

Author: Maddie Manier, Center for Career Development

Pedro Henrique is a ND student who has found great success through the Summer Funding Program.

Internships are a great way to determine the direction of your career path. But what if that exciting internship is unpaid and in a brand new city? Thanks to the generosity of Notre Dame donors, through the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development’s Summer Funding, students are able to participate in internship opportunities they might otherwise feel they are unable to accept. 

There are 19 funds that students can apply for when seeking summer funding, such as the Notre Dame California Internship Fund, the Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program, and the Student Athlete Summer Career Experience Funds, to mention a few. In 2019, over $350,000 was granted to 300+ students to pursue summer experiences. These opportunities took students to 32 different states and around the world to 13 countries. The summer funding program supports students from all undergraduate colleges and a variety of industries.

Summer funding helps students cover expenses such as food, housing, and transportation throughout the duration of their internship. Funds are allocated to students based on an assortment of factors, such as their qualification for financial aid, the geographic location of their internship, and whether the experience is low or no pay.

When approving applications for summer funding, the career goals of the student are taken into consideration. LoriAnn Edinborough, Director of Student Engagement at the Center for Career Development, says “the experience should be helping them achieve their career goals and providing students with mentorship, skill building, career exploration, and professional development.” The goal of the summer funding program is for students to come out at the end with a better sense of what it is they want to do.

So when should a student apply for summer funding? Edinborough says that “a student should apply if they are not getting paid, if they are receiving a small stipend or if they are receiving minimum wage in a high cost of living area for their summer experience.” The hopes are, that by not having to worry about added costs, students are really able to focus on their internship and make the most of their summer experience.

Summer 2020 applications are now being accepted until Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

For more information and steps to apply for summer funding, visit our summer funding webpage