How to Prepare for Your Summer Internship

Author: Annie Fick, Class of '20

How to prepare for your summer internship

Do Your Research

You may have already researched your company as you went through the interview process, but it is important to stay well-informed. Be sure to refresh yourself on the company website, as well as the trades for the industry you will be working in. Knowing what is going on will speak to your competence about the company. Also, feel free to reach out to your supervisor and ask about workplace dress code. This will show that you care about making a good first impression, and will help you feel more comfortable on your first day!

Be Proactive

Being on time in the morning is imperative to starting off on the right foot. One way to ensure a smooth commute is to practice your route to work a few days before you start the job. This way you can anticipate any potential trouble spots and not get lost on your first day. Also, be proactive in your work. If you finish your assigned tasks, ask for more. If you can, anticipate the needs of your team and finish what needs to be done without being asked. Doing so will make yourself an essential member of the team.

Run for Mayor

Not literally, but during your time at your internship you will meet many new people! Be sure to nurture your professional relationships, as they can be incredibly helpful in the future. If you can, find yourself a mentor in the workplace. Developing relationships not only goes for those above you, but with your peers as well. Your fellow interns will likely be entering the same field as you in the future, so form friendships now!

Be Mindful

Approach your internship with a growth mindset. You are going to learn a lot of new things. That being said, set goals for yourself before you start work. What do you want to learn specifically, or what skills do you wish to develop further? Then, take time to reflect after your internship. What did you like and dislike about your job? Answering these questions will aid you as you continue on in the career discernment process.

Good luck with your internships this summer! Remember that these opportunities are to learn and grow, but don’t forget to have fun.