Spring Consulting Week 2020

Author: Maddie Manier, Center for Career Development

Springconsulting 01

Consulting Connect and the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development is hosting a Spring Consulting Week for all students interested in learning more about a career in consulting from March 18 through March 23.

Programming throughout the week will provide students with an introduction to the industry, as well as an opportunity to connect with several employers, such as Bain & Co., KPMG, and PwC to name a few. “Spring Consulting Week focuses on introductory material and skill-based programming to prepare students for the heavy recruiting season that starts with fall classes.” said Ali Fahey, Assistant Director of Consulting and Data Analytics at the Center for Career Development. "Consulting is largely agnostic when it comes to academic backgrounds, so we’re happy to share information with all students. We have organized the events so that each class of students has an employer-focused event tailored to their likely skill-level & position in the field.”

Events on March 18 and 19 will focus on providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the recruiting process with office hours, fireside chats, and workshops. Programming on March 20 will be broken down by class year and will feature an employer panel and symposium, where students will be able to engage in conversations and learn where they fit in the industry. A Senior Send-Off will also take place that evening, to congratulate all graduating seniors as they prepare to enter the world of consulting. Additionally, there will be a program with Management Consulted open to all undergraduate students on Monday March 23.

All event details can be found on Handshake. Any questions can be directed to Ali Fahey or Alex Muck President of Consulting Connect. Fahey encourages students to join Consulting Connect via their Google Group - the only commitment is receiving our weekly Tuesday newsletter with consulting updates and announcements!