THREE things you can do NOW to help your future.

Author: Marcella Mullaney


Consider your future - especially next year when it's time to apply for internships and jobs. Here are THREE things you can do NOW!

1. Develop Skills - Use this opportunity to enhance your skills! Many sites are offering FREE skill building courses including: Coursera , Harvard Free Online CoursesMOOCsOpen Culture, and Codecademy  

2. Focus on Your Digital Brand - Building your digital brand is a key component to showcasing who you are personally AND professionally. Focus on completely filling out your accounts on Handshake and LinkedIn and clean up your social media presence. Take time to build an online portfolio. There are several free online platforms to build your own website such as square space or wix.

3. Seek Out Opportunities - Connect with people on LinkedInHandshake, or even IrishCompass. Reach out to nonprofits or organizations in your area and offer your skills. See if they could use some help remotely.

Try your best to be comfortable with the unknown and recognize that your first job is not forever - it does not set your course for the rest of your career. You will persevere, but this requires an action-oriented approach. Our staff is available to help you set goals and create an action plan.