Utilizing features on Handshake

Author: Annie Fick, Class of '20

Handshake 01

This past August, The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development replaced Go IRISH with Handshake as the new career platform for Notre Dame. With over 800 universities and 200,000 organizations on the platform, Handshake provides countless opportunities to network, apply for jobs, and explore your career trajectory!

As you begin to navigate this new website, here are some notable features to capitalize on:

Job Search

Perhaps the most obvious use of Handshake is the Job Search tab, which allows you to see all the available jobs and internships posted on the site. Be smart about your browsing— there are handy filters you can apply to narrow your search such as “full-time”, “internship”, “work authorization”, or “on-campus interviews”.


Employer Preferences

After clicking on a particular job or position, you will see a section entitled Employer Preferences. This box mentions all of the requirements the employer has and whether or not you meet them, based off of your Handshake profile. If you want, you can also filter your job search by employer preferences and only see jobs you are already qualified for. 


Students Who’ve Worked Here

Another feature under every job posting is a section showing other students on Handshake who have either worked at the company or exact position you are viewing. Depending on their privacy settings, you could view their profile and previous work experience, or even attempt to message them to find out more about their thoughts on the company. 



The Students tab on the top navigation bar allows you to search for fellow students, much like the job search option. You can find peers from Notre Dame or other universities who have interned or worked in industries you are interested in! Connect with students in order to ask for advice or view their profiles and learn more about how they qualified for the positions they’ve received. 



Under your profile, the documents tab allows you to upload resumes, cover letters, transcripts, and more. Pro tip: not only does a resume enhance the professionalism of your profile, but Handshake can use it to fill out your initial profile semi-automatically.  



Handshake Eventsearch 01

Be sure to regularly check the Events tab under navigation, as it shows upcoming career fairs, meet & greets, treks, and more. This feature doesn’t only show events at ND, but any nearby events that are open to Notre Dame students (which happen more than you think).



The Q&A feature on Handshake is a forum for questions that anyone can see and answer. You can use it to ask questions about any industry, company, or job trajectory, and students, employers, and alumni are all able to give you advice. You can also search through past conversations to see if anyone else has asked questions pertinent to your own career discernment process. 



Depending on your privacy settings, students and recruiters can send you messages on Handshake. Be sure to check these regularly, as recruiters can invite you to apply to a position or attend a special information session. 


Career Center 

Handshake Nd 01

Under Career Center— My School you will be able to see all the information about the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development. This includes contact info, the website, staff members, and most importantly, the option to schedule an appointment with a career counselor. 



Also under Career Center, be sure to look out for available surveys. These surveys are to help you connect with the employers and industries you are interested in. Currently there are surveys available to hear about opportunities in California and to connect you with alumni out there.