Five Things I Learned at the Fall Career Expo

Author: Rachael Yemc, Class of '20

2018 Fall Career Expo2018 Fall Career Expo

Five important things Career Assistant Rachael Yemc learned by attending the 2018 Fall Career Expo:

1. There are so many companies that appeal to me that I did not even know existed before

Through talking with a variety of companies at the Fall Career Expo, I actually found a few that I really like that I didn’t know anything about before, and have since then applied for internships with them.


2. Recruiters want to speak to me just as much as I want to speak to them

I enjoyed speaking with the recruiters and representatives about a variety of topics; it was really nice getting to know them, and they seemed to really enjoy getting to know me in the process as well!


3. A lot of companies do not offer many internship positions, but they have many more full-time positions to offer

I found that many companies wait to recruit until senior year; it was still nice to speak to these companies so I may keep them in mind for next year.


4. A lot of companies I am interested in have similar structures, however, their company cultures differ immensely

As I am interested in being a consultant, many answers to my questions are similar across multiple companies; however, a deciding factor between companies I applied for and those from which I did not is their culture. The Career Fair was a great way to differentiate my preferences across multiple companies.


5. The best way to make a connection and have a good conversation is through finding common ground with the company representative

Networking boiled down is just having a conversation. While a lot of people tend to stress out a lot about it, keeping calm and treating it like a normal conversation was the best decision to make as I walked around the Career Fair. I found a lot in common with recruiters and representatives, which made it a lot easier to remember names and information about the companies.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachael Yemc is a Career Assistant in her second year working with the Center for Career Development. She is majoring in Business - IT Management and will graduate from Notre Dame in 2020.