Five Reasons to Attend the Fall Career Expo

Author: Rachael Yemc, Class of '20

Fall Career Expo 2018Fall Career Expo 2018

The thought of attending the Fall Career Expo can seem intimidating - but it doesn't have to be! Below are five reasons as to why it's beneficial for Notre Dame Student to attend the Fall Career Expo.

1. It’s an opportunity to learn about a variety of industries

Especially if you are an underclassman and are still discerning your career, going to the Fall Career Expo can be a great way to learn about potential industries you might want to pursue after graduation. You can talk to industry experts about their related fields and get a better sense of whether or not that would be something you would want to go into.


2. It’s an opportunity to speak to people at your dream job/company

Representatives from companies all across the country come to talk to ND students—use this opportunity to your advantage to get your foot in the door at your dream job! Or, you may think that you have a certain dream job in mind, but a great way to find out if it’s actually what you think you want is through speaking with people who are already there.


3. You can build your network

Networking is an amazing way to learn about potential industries/jobs you might want to pursue in the future. Building your network at the Fall Career Expo could lead to a potential professional relationship and job.


4. You can learn about potential future jobs/opportunities you wouldn't have known about had you not gone

You might think you really want to pursue a certain job/industry, but with a narrow scope. Open up your mindset by speaking with representatives at companies you might not have heard of; you may just find the perfect company for you!


5. If you’re an underclassman, it is good practice for networking later for full time positions

Never gone to a Career Fair? Starting early is a great opportunity to practice speaking to strangers in a stressful environment. Speaking with companies that don’t even have positions for younger years can be great practice for later networking opportunities.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachael Yemc is a Career Assistant in her second year working with the Center for Career Development. She is majoring in Business - IT Management and will graduate from Notre Dame in 2020.