What to Expect when Interviewing at the Center for Career Development

Interviewing at the Center for Career DevelopmentInterviewing at the Center for Career Development

Congrats! You have been selected for an interview with a prestigious company who thinks YOU might bring exceptional talents to their team. This alone is a huge accomplishment! Now, to knock their socks off in the interview.

In order to best prepare for interview day, plan to arrive on the 5th floor of Duncan Student Center at least 15 minutes before your interview time. No need to swipe in - just stop by the North or South desk to find out where the student waiting area is for each company. The interviewer might communicate the actual room number with you when scheduling, however, we ask you to check-in first as student waiting areas are determined morning-of!

It is always good to have a pad-folio and/or folder with you that includes copies of your resume, paper and a pen. As you wait for your name to be called, take a few deep breaths or say a quick prayer and be confident as you greet your interviewer- first impressions are important!

After you have completed your interview, check the room number placard in front of your interview room. There should be a copy of the employer's business card. Feel free to take a quick picture and stop by the desks to pick up complimentary thank-you postcards to mail to your interviewer. Oh, and don't forget to call your mom and tell her how it went!