Law School Fair

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Virtual Law School Fair | Friday, October 2, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Meet with law school admissions reps from top schools across the country. Gather more information about attending law schools, gain insight about navigating the application process, and ask questions to help you take the next step in the process. 



Students: University of Notre Dame undergraduate students of all class years and majors are invited to participate. If you are considering or applying to law school, regardless of your class year, this is a perfect opportunity to explore!

Law Schools Attending: Click here to view the entire list. 

Registration & Sign-Ups

Registration for the fair is required to participate.

How to register:

  1. Sign in to Handshake and click on Events tab and then the Career fair tab.
  2. Click on the name of the fair you'd like to register for, then click Register in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. A popup will appear on your screen with information for you to review. Click Register on this popup when you're ready to proceed. 

Once registered, you will still need to sign-up for sessions with law school representatives.

How to sign-up for law school sessions:

  1. Once you're registered for the event, you'll be able to view and sign up for available law school sessions. Click the Available Sessions tab in the upper-right of the page, below the event title and date/time. 
  2. You'll be able to sign up for additional sessions on the day of the event. You can sign up for group sessions with availability up until one minute before the start of the session. Once the session has started, students will not be able to sign up.

For more guidance, check out Handshake's Signing Up for & Managing Virtual Fair Sessions.

What to Expect Day-Of

On the day-of the event, you will log-in to Handshake and click into the Law School Fair. Make sure to join a little bit before your sessions begin. Once logged in, on the event's landing page look for Your Sessions. This section will include all of the sessions you signed up for in the time they will occur.

Through Handshake, there are two types of sessions to interact with law schools: 

  1. Group Sessions: 30 minutes each, multiple students can attend.
  2. 1:1 Sessions: 10 minutes each, one student and one law school representative can attend.

If you have time available, check under the Available Sessions section and see if any law schools have availability. If so, you can always click on their open time slot and sign-up to meet with them.


Wondering what to wear to a virtual career fair? Stick to business casual attire.

Examples include:

  1. Tops - Wear a button down shirt or a simple blouse. 
  2. Bottoms - Still wear bottoms that are business casual. For this fair, that can include nice jeans! Yes, the focus will primarily be from the chest up - but we've all seen virtual conversations go embarrassingly wrong by a simple slip-up.
  3. Want more guidance? Check out this graphic.


Preparation and Tips

Watch this short video on how to best prepare for the Law School Fair:

  • Who should attend?
    • You, if you are considering or applying to law school, regardless of your class year. 
  • Why?:
    • This is the perfect opportunity to ...
      • Make a professional impression and express your thoughtful consideration for specifically choosing that school to a person who makes the admissions decisions.
      • Ask questions about their school and admissions process, e.g., how they evaluate two LSAT scores; what they consider the “ideal” class cohort for their law school; what do they feel is distinctive about their law school environment; programs, faculty, course their school may have focused in an area that interests you.
      • Begin comparing schools and making preliminary choices about the kind of law school you want to attend.
      • Talk to so many schools all in one brief period of time to compare, gather specific admissions insights, and present yourself as a serious candidate.
  • Approach the fair strategically:
    • Create your “A” list of 5-7 schools that are your first choices to talk to at the fair. Research their websites; for each “A” school - read the ABA 509 Disclosure to understand the type of students they just admitted; read the ABA Employment outcomes/statistics to understand where their students go after law school. 
    • Register for the fair and sign-up right away for 1:1 session (and/or group sessions) with the “A” schools.
    • Create your “B’ list of 3-5 more schools that interest you and you want to check them out. Read what you have time to read about these schools.
    • Sign-up for group sessions and/or a 1:1 with the “B” schools.
  • Prepare:
    • Your 30-second introduction and the “turn-over” question.
    • Questions for the admissions representatives particularly for the “A” schools.
    • Ask how to follow-up with the representative.
  • Follow-up:
    • Thank you emails, 24-48 hours after the fair, to the reps of all the “A” list school and any of the “B” list that you decide to add to your “A” list.