Our Staff

Exploration and Engagement Team

  • Maureen Baska

    Assistant Director

  • James Biddick

    Student-Athlete Career Development Program Manager

  • Dee Dee Dolan

    Assistant Director

  • LoriAnn Edinborough


  • Monica Laidig

    Student International Business Council Advisor

Industry Team

  • Ali Fahey

    Assistant Director

    Consulting and Data Analytics

  • Missing Photo

    Karen Mainer

    Assistant Director

    Science, Healthcare, Gap Year Opportunities

  • Anita Rees

    Assistant Director

    PreLaw, Government, Public Policy, Non-profits

  • Bob Rischard

    Assistant Director

    Investment Banking, Investment Management, Sales & Trading, Private Wealth Management

  • Niti Singh

    Assistant Director

    Engineering and Technology

  • Ray Vander Heyden

    Assistant Director

    Accounting, Actuarial Science, Corporate Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Administrative Services

Strategy Team

  • Carolina Sborja

    Strategic Analyst

  • Marty Whalen

    Career Program Manager, College of Arts and Letters

  • Ryan Willerton

    Associate Vice President for Career and Professional Development

Operations and Communications Team

  • Julie Gray

    Associate Director

  • Brenda Harley

    Guest Services Coordinator

  • Marci Mullaney

    Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Katy White

    Administrative Coordinator

Employer Engagement & Recruitment Services

Employer Engagement Team

  • Kate Cover

    Employer Engagement Manager & Event Coordinator

    Consulting, Data Analytics, Nonprofits, Public Policy

  • Mindy Evans

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Jamie Thomson

    Employer Engagement Manager

    Primary Focus: Financial Services, Accounting, Insurance

Regional Engagement Team

  • Marcus Cox

    Media and Entertainment Industry Specialist

  • Kaci Kelly

    Regional Engagment Program Director

  • Linda Lynch

    Southern California Region Engagement Associate

Graduate Career Services

  • Rob Coloney

    Director of Graduate Career Services

  • Liz Loughran

    Career Consultant, College of Science

  • Larry Milks

    Career Consultant, College of Engineering

  • Erik Oswald

    Career Consultant, Professional Master Programs

  • Erik Simon

    Career Consultant, College of Arts and Letters