Resumes & Preparation

Just like studying for an exam or working towards a final project, preparing for your future career is also very important. This includes: taking the time to tailor your professional documents, researching industries and organizations, learning how to interview appropriately, and even how to successfully accept a position. This preparation will greatly help to set you up for success in future.

The following resources have a variety of tools and strategies that can make your preparation for a job or internship more successful:

  • Resumes and Other Professional Documents - A resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, writing sample, references, and a solid thank-you note help a potential employer get to know you and understand your strengths and skills.
  • Researching Industries & Organizations - Before heading in to an interview it’s crucial to show you took the initiative to learn details about a company (customers, products, services, news, etc.).
  • Interviews - Understanding interview processes, how to prepare, and follow-up prior to the interview are the most significant parts of securing a career.
  • Job Offer/Evaluation - Receiving a job offer is exciting, but knowing how to properly go about accepting a position or declining an employer is just as important.