Internships & Jobs

Find meaningful experiences

We recognize that searching for an internship and job can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips:

  1. Start with discernment.  Reflect on your interests and skills so you can pursue meaningful opportunities.
  2. Networking is more effective than simply submitting applications.  Learn from other students.
  3. Start practicing your interview skills while you are also searching for opportunities. Don't wait until you get offered an interview; you may not have much time to prepare!

If you feel stuck, ask us for help.


Internships & Other Summer Experiences

More than 90% of ND students participate in a summer experience at some point. Any experience is a good experience.  

Full-Time Jobs

Graduating seniors employ a variety of strategies to secure their "first destinations" after graduation.

Year-round Self-directed Experiences

There is no need to wait until the summer to get experience. We offer two resources to help you build skills to make you a top candidate.

Graduate & Professional School

About 1 in 4 graduating seniors pursue graduate or professional school upon graduating.