Media and Entertainment Industry Insight

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To build your credibility in the industry, you need to know what is going on.  Here are a few websites to check out to keep up with the latest:

  • Variety - the original information news source for Hollywood. Still good for information, film reviews, and content analysis, particularly during awards season.
  • Hollywood Reporter - Good overview of business from creative and legal perspectives.

In addition to the traditional news sources listed above, here are a few others that you may not be as familiar with.

  • Deadline - Comprehensive analysis of the business, along with announcements of upcoming content and sales. 
  • The Wrap - Contemporary journalism analysis of entertainment trends and commentary
  • The Ankler - A full analysis website of all things Hollywood Business, including insider reporting on WGA and DGA labor strikes.



There are a number of internships and fellowships offered by companies, as well as nonprofit organizations.  Here are a few that you may hear about:

  • Humanitas – Site for official entry into the Humanitas Prize;Highly regarded organization for discovery of young writers and upcoming voices. 
  • The Black List – Good site for registration of scripts into screenplay contests, and visibility within the industry executive circles. 
  • – Good script content information.
  • Script – Great site for supplemental film and TV writing classes taught by professionals working in the field.
  • IFTA Connect – Independent Film and TV Alliance – Sign-up for their email list for information on upcoming events, contests, and trends in the industry.  For See here for examples of events.
  • 50+ Media, Entertainment, and Gaming Companies - Direct links to these companies, as well as their respective websites, careers pages, and internship information.  (note: This resource is coming Monday, September 25, 2023)


The film industry features a variety of festivals across the country.

  • Austin Film Festival - Best for networking, development, writing seminars, and interacting with independent filmmakers/development producers. Multi-day panels, highly regarded competitions, and excellent filmmaking community attendance
  • Sundance Film Festival - Year-round programming via the Sundance Institute, and a clearinghouse for entry of both short film and long form documentary and feature films.  This festival offers student discounts for students to attend.
  • Cinequest - This is a targeted, strategic networking festival. Great exposure to film community, international and independent filmmakers.
  • Nashville Film Festival - This is a prestigious festival for screenwriters.  Popular industry panels and significant networking. 


Many professionals working on the creative side of the entertainment industry are members of a union. Becoming familiar with these organizations is very helpful if you are working

  • WGA – Writer’s Guild of America West
  • DGA – Director’s Guild of America
  • SAG-AFTRA – Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
  • Editors' Guild – Motion Picture Editors’ Guild


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