Follow-Up After Interviewing

Be memorable.

Following-up after an interview can be the one thing that makes you stand out.

Following an interview the company or organization will take some time to determine whether or not you are the best candidate for the position. One way to stand out during this time is by effectively following-up.

Send a thank you email.

A thank you email restating your interest in the position and the organization should be sent a few hours after your interview (and by no later than the next morning after your interview).  Be sure to send a thank you email to each person with whom you spoke. Avoid copying/pasting the same message.  Make each note somewhat different and try to reference something you discussed in the interview.

Still haven't heard back?

Recruiters are busy, and it may take time for them to follow up after your interview. Be patient, but also be prepared to follow up.

If the employer did not provide a specific time frame for getting back to you, two weeks is an appropriate time to wait before following-up on the status of your candidacy.

If the employer provided a specific time frame for a decision on, take no further action until at least one week beyond the date when they said they would contact you. At that time a phone call to see if a decision has been made is appropriate.