Job and Internship Databases

Search in the right places to find the best opportunities

As you will soon discover, internships and jobs can be found in a variety of sources, including:

Below, you will find convenient links to the most commonly utilized job boards by Notre Dame students. While all these resources are free, some will require you to create an account to access them.

If you have any questions about which sites will be most helpful for you, don't be afraid to ask us for help.


If you are just getting started searching for internships and jobs, Handshake is a great place to begin. In case you are not aware, Notre Dame is one of  1,200+ colleges and universities that use Handshake to connect students to employers. Here are a few tips to navigate Handshake:

  • Many employers have reviews and interview insights shared by students from other colleges and universities. Click on the employer's profile to learn more.
  • Handshake uses an algorithm based on what you include on your profile.
  • Be sure to use as many filters as possible.
  • Not every employer posts positions on Handshake.
  • Many employers will only post 1 or 2 positions on Handshake even though they offer many more opportunities. 
  • You are competing with thousands of other students for jobs posted on Handshake. The same posting you see is likely available to every other college student across the country. Simply submitting your resume and a cover letter will not get you much traction. Networking and follow-up are important. Look for contacts on employer pages and message them.

For your convenience, Handshake uses single sign-on with your netID and password. And remember, Handshake offers much more than a place to find jobs and internships.

Explore jobs and internships on Handshake

No single website encompasses all job postings in a particular industry. Below you will find direct links and login information for 8 of the most commonly used databases by Notre Dame students.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for dozens more sites that other college students use.


This password-restricted resource aggregates information from a variety of employer websites and job posting platforms into one convenient place. ND students have found CareerShift helpful for:

  • Discovering employers (you can search for employers by industry, size, location)
  • Learning basic information about an employer, including competitors
  • Finding contacts, including email addresses (CareerShift is one of the best ways to find email addresses!)
  • Job and internship postings, including when and where the posting was sourced (e.g. employer website, job site, etc.)

Notre Dame provides you free access to this thanks to the Hesburgh Libraries.  You will need to use your e-mail address to create an account, but do not use the password associated with your netID.

Find companies and contacts on CareerShift


This is a great website that offers a variety of tools, including:

  • City guides for major U.S. cities and international locations
  • Country guides for international locations
  • GoinGlobal uses single sign-on with your netID and password.

GoinGlobal includes more than 10,000 pages of constantly-updated content on topics such as job search sources, work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, and cultural/interviewing advice.

Search for location-based positions in the USA and around the world

Google for Jobs

This is pretty much what you expect it to be -- an enhanced Google search to help you learn about internships and jobs.  The default search will start near your current location. Select filters that apply to you and be sure to sign up for Job Alerts.

Search for internships and jobs


Designed for international students interested in working in the United States and any student seeking global opportunities.  You will access this through single sign-on with your NetID and password. 

Explore Interstride


A network of nonprofit careers and jobs. Volunteer opportunities can also be found here.  No username/password is needed for this.

Find opportunities with nonprofits on Idealist

Parker Dewey

Database of quality micro-internships.  Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional projects posted by employers across a wide range of industries. Often, these projects require 5-40 hours of total work across 2-4 weeks and can be
completed remotely. They are posted on a rolling basis and can be applied to year-round.

Look for short-term, micro-internships 


Comprehensive database of internships and job opportunities, with an emphasis on government-related jobs (government affairs, policy, PR, etc.) on Capitol Hill, as well as across the country.  

Learn how to access TraverseJobs


The federal government's official job posting board where you can find internships and full-time roles around the world with U.S. government agencies.  No username/password is required.

Find jobs with the US government


Industry-specific databases

In addition to the most frequently used resources listed above, there are many other free job search databases that provide you with convenient access to industry-specific opportunities.  For your convenience, we have gathered these into a Google Sheet.

View the listing


Employer websites using the EmployerLinks spreadsheet

Most large employers offer detailed "early careers" or other career pages on their websites.  As you research employer sites, look for:

  • Descriptions of different types of programs
  • Application process
  • Interview insight
  • Opportunities to sign up for "talent communities" or job alerts.

To help you find these pages, we've created EmployerLinks, a comprehensive Google Sheet resource which includes links to:

  • Employer's website
  • Employer's LinkedIn page (be sure to follow them!)
  • Careers page
  • Early careers/internships page
  • Talent community sign-up
  • Application process/interview tips (not many employers offer these, but if they do, these are essential pages to read)

In addition to these resources, we have also added a link to an ND alumni search results page for each employer, as well as a column that indicates how many ND alums.  Tip:  Reach out to alumni and build your network before applying to internships and jobs! 

Get your copy of the EmployerLinks spreadsheet


Need help?

We are here to make researching and networking as easy as possible.  If you find yourself needing some advice and guidance, send us an email at or stop by the south desk on the 5th floor of Duncan Student Center.