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2022 President's Circle Mentor Program Application

The President's Circle Application is now open for the Summer 2022.  Application Deadline April 10, 2022.


Program at a Glance

The President's Circle Mentor Program is co-facilitated by the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development and the President's Circle and Cavanaugh Council programs. The President's Circle Mentor Program is a three month program throughout the duration of the summer to connect students to members of the President's Circle council. Students will engage in conversation with their designated mentor throughout the summer months. With three touch points between the student and the mentor, students will be given the opportunity to ask their mentor about a variety of topics such as academic experiences, interviewing, networking, work/life balance, and transitioning into a professional workplace post-graduation. The President's Circle Mentor Program is a prestigious mentor program that provides students the opportunity to connect one-on-one with some of the most trusted, loyal leaders from the Notre Dame family. Mentors involved in the Program are often in positions of senior leadership as CEOs, partners, surgeons, lawyers, vice presidents, managing directors, and many other influential and challenging roles! Students who apply to the President's Circle Mentor Program will receive personal guidance, feedback, and insight from these well-established professionals throughout the duration of the summer.

President's Circle Mentor Program Goals

  • To provide student mentees with the opportunity to connect with a professional mentor that has been successful in their career path/industry.
  • To assist the student mentee with advice on growing as a professional and serving as an outstanding student to thrive while at Notre Dame and beyond.
  • To serve as a resource for the student mentee during the school year regarding questions, advice, career exploration, networking, and professional development.
  • To facilitate student mentee's discernment and exploration of careers and integrate a transition from an academic environment to the world of work.
  • To help the student mentee set short- and long-term professional growth goals with their mentor for their remaining years at Notre Dame and beyond.

Steps to Apply

  1. Program Responsibilities and Expectations - agree to the policies of the President's Circle Mentor Program throughout your summer experience.
  2. General Information - basic information about the applicant and your summer experience.
  3. Resume
  4. Proof of Summer Employment
  5. Personal Statement Video - record 1 response via Big Interview and paste the response recording url link into application.
  6. Goals for Mentorship - identify goals, action items, challenges, and other areas where a mentor may support you.
  7. Application link 

Many students and mentors alike have been personally and professionally impacted by the President's Circle Mentor Program. To view the impact of the President's Circle Mentor Program firsthand, please view the following video containing testimonials from both student mentees and professional President's Circle mentors.