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We are here to support all students discern, pursue, and achieve their career goals. We recognize that every student brings a unique, lived experience to Notre Dame, and no two students' circumstances are the same. Please know we are here to help you get connected to the best available resources to pursue your aspirations.

Learn about tax ID numbers

To better understand the different career paths you can pursue, it is helpful to first understand what type of tax ID number you have.  This is important if you plan to earn income in the United States since you have to pay income tax. This could include a Social Security Number, an Individual Tax ID Number, or possibly an Employer Identification Number (if you are self-employed).  While the following resources are provided to help you learn more about the various tax ID numbers; please be sure to consult an attorney for clarification on your personal circumstances.

Important:  ITINs do not authorize a person to work in the U.S.

Explore possibilities

Get experiences

There are many ways you can develop skills you can use in your career. Here are two of the best options to use while you are a student:

Global/International Opportunities

If you are considering employment outside of the United States, you may find these two resources helpful:

Pursuing entrepreneurship / self-employment

Starting your own business or working as an independent contractor may provide a path to a meaningful career.

Get help

Please contact Ryan Willerton (Willerton@nd.edu) if you need help getting connected to career development or other campus resources .