Teamwork 01


The ability to successfully build & maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively together as a team through shared responsibility, respect, & empathy to complete a shared goal for a common good.

Assessing Your Level of Competency

This is the time to really reflect on yourself and where you are at with this competency. Ask yourself the following questions to dive deep into your self-assessment:

  • Am I a good listener to others on my team?
  • Am I comfortable sharing my point of view in a team setting?
  • Do I let others share their point of view and accept and understand them?
  • Do I know how to keep up my end of the work when working on a team?
  • Am I willing to help other members with their work even if it makes more work for me?
  • Do I ensure that my work is done in the timeline assigned?

Building Your Level of Competency

Build on your level of this competency through the following:

  • Volunteer to serve on a team in your dorm.
  • Join a student group on campus.

Communicating This Competency

There are many opportunities to communicate your experience with teamwork and collaboration to others; through your resume, cover letters, interviewing, 30-second professional introduction, networking, etc. Use the following as examples of how you might be able to  articulate this competency:

  • Awards or recognition you've received.
  • Specific teamwork examples of actions you have taken as a team and the successful outcome.
  • List of your teamwork qualities (ie. active listener, honesty, responsible).

What does it look like?:
The intern is able to work within a team structure, and can negotiate and manage conflict.

Example Learning Objective:
By collaborating with the other interns and staff members, I will improve upon my teamwork skills by successfully facilitating a group project.


Competency Tracking Sheet

To help you properly think about each skill, how to build them, and how to articulate them, utilize the Competency Tracking sheet. The document is to be used throughout your review of all the competencies.

If you have already downloaded the Competency Tracking Sheet from the main Core Competencies webpage, continue to work from that document. If you haven't already downloaded the CompetencyTracking Sheet, please do so through the button below.

Download the Core Competency Tracking Sheet