The Notre Dame Way

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The Notre Dame Way

Take what you have learned here at Notre Dame and let it enable you to go forth and do good. Always be as generous as you can with your time, talent and all you have. In your family life, your professional life and your spiritual life, every day of your life, never forget that your charge as Notre Dame graduates is to be a force for good in the world. - Fr. John Jenkins (Graduation Message, 2018)

Assessing Your Level of Competency

This is the time to really reflect on yourself and where you are at with this competency. Ask yourself the following questions to dive deep into your self-assessment:

  • Have I found ways to contribute to the betterment of Notre Dame?
  • Have I supported other students at Notre Dame that needed assistance in some way?
  • What service groups have I joined while at Notre Dame?
  • Can I set aside time each week that I will focus on giving back to the community?
  • How can I provide a supportive environment in my internship with other interns?
  • Am I taking initiative in my campus job?
  • What classes, events, lectures, activities have I engaged in to expand my world view?

Building Your Level of Competency

Here are some ideas to build your level of this competency:

  • Provide support and assistance to a fellow intern in completing a project on time.
  • Graduate students participate in the Leadership Advancing Socially Engaged Research (LASER) program.
  • Support a peer or underclass student who is struggling to learn a challenging course concept.
  • Conduct your job search following the guidelines in the ethical job search policy (e.g. withdrawing from other applications after accepting an offer).
  • Discuss with a religious leader ways to impact your community.
  • Become involved with the Alumni group in your summer or post-Notre Dame location
  • Talk with  a prospective student interested in exploring or attending Notre Dame
  • Give back to Notre Dame by offering to talk with current students about crafting their Notre Dame experiences and path
  • Participate in a Center for Social Concern Urban Plunge to gain broader understanding of community economic disparities.

Communicate this Competency

There are many opportunities to communicate the Notre Dame Way to others; through your resume, cover letters, interviewing, 30-second professional introduction, networking, etc. Start with statements like the samples below to build upon:


Developed and oversaw a coat donation program among Notre Dame students for a local charity to provide winter clothing to patrons.

Volunteered to serve as a mentor to a first-year student to help them navigate and find success in Calculus.

Reduced paper towel usage and waste in the residence hall by 75% through an awareness campaign.

Analyzed the application process as a human resources intern and provided data to show a skewed pattern of new hires that led the company to review its diversity hiring initiatives.

Presented to hometown high school sophomores and juniors about preparing for college and considering Notre Dame.

Tutored a peer in foundational calculus principles in order to successfully pass econometrics.

Hosted a prospective student in the residence hall for a weekend visit to Notre Dame.

Competency Tracking Sheet

To help you properly think about each skill, how to build them, and how to articulate them, utilize the Competency Tracking sheet. The document is to be used throughout your review of all the competencies.

If you have already downloaded the Competency Tracking Sheet from the main Core Competencies webpage, continue to work from that document. If you haven't already downloaded the CompetencyTracking Sheet, please do so through the button below.

Download the Competency Tracking Sheet